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Daybreak Family Services offers a wide range of opportunities to the community to
receive help and support from our services. While it is difficult to fully state the range of services offered, the following are the key components of the Daybreak program:

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A key part of treatment is a thorough assessment of the individual and family issues present so that an appropriate diagnosis can be made. Our clinicians will use their experience and skill to complete assessments in a caring but effective manner to ensure the most accurate treatment plan of action possible. 



Our therapists meet with the clients in one-on-one sessions to confidentially work on developing goals. Therapy sessions focus on working on problem areas that need to be addressed. Individual therapy is critical as it gives the client the ability to explore and process personal strengths and needs in a safe environment. Individual therapy is scheduled one hour per week, sometimes more.



Where possible, Daybreak Family Services believes strongly in the importance of including the entire family. This allows the opportunity for skills to be taught about behavior management, or communication or just an opportunity to improve relationships. 



Working with children and adolescents in groups has long been evidenced to be a very effective means of treatment. Children and adolescents often feel more comfortable expressing their needs and feelings in a group of their peers.



Our therapists also provide case management to our clients who receive therapy. Our case management services include linkage, advocacy and referral assistance provided in partnership with the client, family members, law enforcement personnel, community agencies and other supports as needed.



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