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New Social Media Statistics and What They Really Mean

My friends over at Social Media Examiner just released their 2014 Social Media Marketing Industry Report. It’s a survey of 2,800 marketers from around the world, asking about their attitudes and plans for social media usage. buy 2000 instagram followers This is the 6th annual version of this report, and I recommend you grab yourself a copy right here. It’s not perfect research because the participants are self-selected and are primarily small business (65% are in companies with 25 or fewer employees). However, the non-USA participation is very nice (40%) and there’s definitely a good smattering of participants who have been doing social media professionally for several years. The full report is 50 pages, and I’m certain that you’ll find a variety of interesting statistical bon mots within its confines. But for Convince & Convert readers, here are the 9 social media statistics I find most interesting, and what they really mean.

social media

68% of marketers plan to increase their blogging in the near future

This was the #1 tactic that marketers said they wanted to do more of, which is staggering given blogging’s maturity. Not asked was whether that increase would be via owned blogs, how can you buy followers on instagram or on third-party thought aggregators like Medium and Linkedin. Evidently – at least according to this survey – blogging is far from over.

67% of marketers plan to increase YouTube participation in the near future

It’s been reported that 100 hours of YouTube video is uploaded every single minute. Approximately 50% of that video is about squirrels, so take that stat with a dose of skepticism. buy instagram followers instantly But there is no doubt that the video train is nowhere close to slowing. Further, with the rise of LTE and the corresponding ability to stream video anywhere, coupled with the increasing usage of Vine and Instagram video, being able to communicate cleanly and clearly via video is a major area of focus – and should be.

64% of marketers plan to increase Linkedin participation in the near future

This makes perfect sense to me, as I intersect with marketers constantly who have overlooked Linkedin for years and are just awakening to its power as a communication and content platform. Very bullish on Linkedin am I, especially because they have done a nice job of keeping it nonsense-free for the most part.